Cavoodle Information

About Our Toy Cavoodles

Our Toy Cavoodles are a first-generation hybrid of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Toy Poodle.  The aim of combining these two breeds is to have a gentle natured, low shedding puppy. First-generation Cavoodles will also have the maximum genetic benefits associated with a hybrid dog – in other words, a Cavoodle with one parent purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and one parent purebred Poodle will have less genetic diseases than second or third generation Cavoodles.

Toy Cavoodle Height

Our Toy Cavoodles will generally grow to 26 – 34cm tall at the shoulder. As all our mums have slightly different heights, we recommend discussing this with us before adopting one of our puppies if it is a concern.

Cavoodle Coat

As Cavoodles are a hybrid between a shedding and non-shedding breed, they are generally low to non shedding. A guide from past litters has shown our puppies are almost completely non-shedding.

This type of coat makes them the perfect companion for those who suffer from allergies. However, does require some maintenance from time to time.

Cavoodle Temperament

It’s no accident that this combination of breeds has become so popular, the Cavalier and Poodle make such a perfect mix. Cavoodles have the gentle and loving nature to be the perfect lap dog, yet also have the energy to join the family on any adventure you take. Cavoodles are known for their affection, so fitting in and being part of the family is second nature to them.