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Are all 'Urban Puppies' Toy Cavoodles?

All our puppies are Toy Cavoodles. Toy Cavoodles are the smallest size of Cavoodle and much smaller than miniature Cavoodles.

What is a first generation Toy Cavoodle?

A first generation Toy Cavoodle means one parent is a pure bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and one parent is a pure bred Toy Poodle.

All our puppies are first generation Toy Cavoodles.

Are your puppies PRA tested?

All of our puppies are clear of being affected by PRA by parentage. We guarantee our puppies will never go blind from PRA.

Do you desex all your puppies?

It’s completely up to you. It’s generally just one less thing to worry about but we don’t have to.

Do Cavoodle puppies shed?

So far our puppies have been completely non-shedding but we like to say low-shedding just in case.

This is due to the properties of their father’s fur. Curly carries a long-haired gene which is passed onto all our puppies. This generally causes their fur to keep growing and not shed.

How tall do 'Urban Puppies' get?

Our puppies are generally 26cm – 34cm tall at the shoulder.

Waiting/Notification List

Do you have a waiting list?

We don’t have a waiting list but we do have a notification list, so you can be the first to know about upcoming puppies.

It’s just two easy steps.

Submit your email address below and click on the confirmation email we send you to join the list.

Does the notification list lock me into anything?

Not at all. The notification list just allows us to notify you of new litters and update you about the puppies along the way. It’s easy to opt in or out at any time.

I didn't receive a confirmation email. Am I on the list?

You need to confirm your email address to be on the notification list.

First check your spam/junk folder incase it went into there.

If you still can’t find it, contact us on 0431 718 429 and we can add you manually.

Do I need to be on the notification list to adopt a puppy?

Not at all. The notification list is to let you know when puppies arrive and update you along the way. Once a puppy is available on our site, you can submit a form or contact us for more information.

Adoption Process

Can I meet my puppy before making the commitment?

We encourage all our new families to come and meet the puppies before making the big commitment.

If you are interstate and have a friend or family member in Melbourne, it would be fantastic if they can meet the little guys. This isn’t always possible and that’s ok, just remind us to send you a video so you can get a good idea of your puppy.

Do I submit a form before or after meeting the puppies?

It’s best to submit a form as soon as you are sure you would like to meet a puppy then we can arrange a time for you to meet the little guys and their mum.

Should I submit an adoption form for a puppy who is on hold or has been adopted?

If you would like to adopt a puppy who is already on hold or even adopted, you should still submit a form and be on the list for that puppy.

If he/she does become available, we will contact you. It is unlikely a puppy who has beed adopted will become available, but it is possible.

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Join our notification list and be updated as soon as the little guys are ready for adoption or feel free to contact us and send us any queries you have.